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Spring is springing again in the northern hemisphere as though bearing perennial witness to renewal. Here in Gainesville, azaleas and impatiens are blossoming, while redbud and dogwood trees fill the air with color and a heady fragrance, inducing a recollection of the insistence of life that had lain dormant during the long months of cold weather when Nature seemed to be holding her breath, waiting for the sun to reach the point along the ecliptic that crosses the celestial equator. Life on planet Earth is governed by such events, cosmic timings that operate with the precision and inevitability of clockwork, but which may go largely unnoticed until their effects rise to meet us, and we remember once more the power and beauty of all we take for granted here.

This week, I observed the same principle moving through the microcosm of a counseling session. The client came to the call lost in the dismal winter of a problem that seemed irremediable. He had looked at the situation from every angle, and there simply was no way out. Yet it was clear to me that this sense of hopelessness was a function not of the facts but of the beliefs and assumptions in which the client was immersed. Philosophical counseling is dialectical. This means two things. First, it means that the problem in which a client may feel stuck contains within itself the seed of its own resolution. Under the right conditions—those provided by philosophical counseling—that seed can burst forth suddenly into something surprisingly beautiful and liberating. Second, it means that in order for this to happen, the client must be willing to question beliefs and assumptions that seem so obviously true that it might never occur to the client to question them. In other words, the problem can’t be solved at the level of the problem. A transcendence to a higher perspective is required, one that exposes the client’s unwitting participation in creating or perpetuating his or her own suffering. It is not unlike solving a problem in a dream by waking up. As with all processes, this is a matter of timing. We can’t wake up before we’re ready. Once we start waking up, however, we can’t entirely go back to sleep. So we do the work, patiently, exploring the client’s beliefs, assumptions, conclusions, paradigms, and values, and trust that regardless of how bleak things may appear, spring is on the way.

The message of the season is clear. The unfathomable intelligence that set the planets spinning in their orbits, that ignited the sun and scheduled the seasons cannot be thwarted by human hubris. We may be convinced that our situation is irremediable, that there is no solution because we cannot see one. Yet there is always more than we can see. Some relief can be found immediately simply by acknowledging that humbling truth. However lost we may feel, life can find us. There is no situation that lies beyond the power of renewal that is coded into the very stars. The most important thing is to stay open to something unexpected, a new way of looking at things that revises our understanding, the courage to take responsibility we did not know we had denied or overlooked, a little curiosity, an experimental faith in something greater than our will. We are no less a part of the season than the flowers and trees, which in their natural wisdom, offer no resistance to the hands that fashioned them. The same force that renews them can renew us, provided we are willing.

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